Hello world!

Published August 3, 2010 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

This is my first post here. I had to think for awhile about what this blog would be about. I mean, of course it would be about me and my family, but I had to think hard about a good name. Since all of us, the kids, my husband, and even myself are in some way getting educated, I decided to name the blog A Proper Education.

My kids are in school right now over in India. We have homeschooled our kids and sent them to public schools. We are sorely disappointed with the American education system so when we got the chance to, we decided to send them to school in India. So far we are happy with our choice. I’ll be writing about our kids adventures and experiences with that.

My husband’s education-well, until further notice, he has sworn off books and studying. I’ll write about any future changes in his decision.

My education-I am currently being educated on how to be a good soldier’s wife. My husband is currently deployed and I am a sceptical army wife at best. I love my soldier and my country, but I don’t support the war, so if that makes me a poor army wife, then so be it.  We are just finishing up his r&r and then he’ll be going back to the sand box. I hope to get a job, join the army reserves, and pursue my formal education-my master’s degree. I’ll be writing about how any of that goes. See you tomorrow!


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