It’s Not An Education-It’s An Adventure.

Published August 20, 2010 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

…And it certainly wasn’t an easy choice to make as a mom. We decided a long time ago before our kids were born that we didn’t like what the U.S. public education system had to offer. My husband and I were both products of it and neither one of us had experiences that we could be proud of. Even the most dedicated parents can’t shield their children from the “socializing” that goes on in public schools. Don’t get me wrong-most people don’t see anything wrong with what goes on in schools these days and if you are one of those people you can rest assured that I am not going to go into a tirade against the system. In my experience, either you love public schools, or you hate them.

We had even tried to homeschool our children, but when times were tough for us, I had to go back to work and was unable to continue in that direction. My husband had told me how Indian schools were-the discipline, the overall society that places high value on education-way higher than we do over here, and the chance to learn a second language starting in preschool. It made sense to me that if the day ever came where we could afford to send our kids to school over there, we’d do it.

Fast forward to January of this year. My husband received orders for a year long deployment and it was decided that now was as good a time as any to start our children’s education adventure. The kids and I left in July and they’ve been there ever since. They are adjusting quite well to school over there especially my oldest(a teenager) who’s picked up the language very quickly. Now I have come back to the states to get a job for the next few months while my husband finishes up his deployment. We plan to bring back the little ones at that time to stay with us until each one of them becomes old enough to stay in the boarding school over there.

Is it hard? It sure is, but so are many things in life. Our children’s education is an investment and just like any other investment, you have to give up something in the present in the hopes that you will get more return in the future. I’ve had many people, in my family especially, who are not in favor of what we are doing. They say that spending time with your children is more important than anything and you can successfully navigate the public school system if you are involved enough as a parent. In my experience, though, you can only navigate around certain things-such as a ship navigating around an iceberg-but if you know that the waters themselves are treacherous to begin with, why would you even want to take a chance unless you had no other choice?

May I note that the family member who voiced the above mentioned opinion has never had to make the choice of sending their children to public school because her husband has a good enough job where they can afford a top-level private school. U.S. private schools weren’t even a thought for us because a private school education can cost almost as much as a university education in this day and age.

So now you have the history behind our decision to send the kids overseas for their education. Let the adventure begin…


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