It’s About That Time

Published December 27, 2010 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

Not too much has happened since the last post except my husband came home from deployment this month. It’s great to have him back home and we didn’t have any problems at all readjusting to each other. What I have to get used to all over again is the ridiculousness of the people in charge at his unit. I think that could take more effort than getting used to the deployment did!

It is about that time now-the kids are getting ready to finish the school year over in India. I have to go over to get the boys admitted into the boarding school and the three little ones will be coming back over here to the States until they are old enough to go to the boarding school. Lilly will wind up being here with us for about the next three years. I hope that Sunil keeps the language up with them like he says he will, otherwise, they will probably lose a lot of it. Not that they can’t pick it up easily when they go there again, but still.

This time when I go over there, I intend on taking alot more pictures of people and places. I did do a fair amount of it the last time, but I still feel that I could have done more. I’ll have a lot of time on my hands-so I should be able to accomplish that goal! Now back to packing…


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