Published June 21, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

We make plans…they change. That’s life…

Our sons started in boarding school back in March and they are presently home on their vacation. At this point, they will not be going back over there due to several factors, some of which include underestimation of the total cost involved in sending them to school over there(and they actually go to one of the more inexpensive schools over there!) and lack of funding to support said cost.

I am disappointed to say the least because I felt they were doing well over there-but apparently God must have other plans for them and for us.  From here we must move on and replot our course. A future course will hopefully involve sending them back over there at some point, hopefully by next school year. We’ll have to see what time brings.  Today I am adding a picture of my husband and I because I believe that my blog must also now chart a new course, since the main focus for now will not be on education in India(although I will still inevitably mention it from time to time!)

For now-that’s about it. Nothing much is happening since it’s the summer and kids are out of school. I’m trying to find a job-hasn’t been so successful as yet, but I’m not going to give up. Me finding a job is the necessary ingredient to being able to send our kids back over to school in India. So I leave you now to hop back on the job trail…(and a secret commitment to myself to try to blog more often!)


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