A Tale of Sorts

Published August 15, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I was reading back over my blog this morning and sadly realized that it is seriously lacking in any reaccounts of experiences I had while over there. I know I went to India, had a good time over there with many new experiences, but there was one dark cloud that overshadowed the event and will probably remain if even at the back of my mind–for the rest of my life.

When my husband got orders to go to Iraq, I dreaded the thought of being here in Texas alone with no family, taking care of the kids by myself. So, to make something good out of the deployment experience, we decided that this was the opportunity for us to send our kids to school in India–a dream that we’d always had. So we decided to pack up six months prior to Sunil’s deployment(I knew that soldiers are always busy in the months prior to deployment with little time to spend with family and I absolutely dreaded the thought of attending the farewell ceremony!) and fly to India.

Now, we thought we had carefully planned out our trip to India–getting all the proper shots, budgeting for the plane tickets, even who we would stay with. We had talked to his mother for months beforehand, making sure that it would be ok for us to stay with her. She assured us that she was looking forward to us coming. So without much further ado, Sunil drove us to the airport, we said our goodbyes, and boarded the plane.

Oftentimes, no matter how much you plan something out, work it and rework it to make sure, you still come up with unexpected circumstances. Our trip to India was no exception. I think of it to this day–I should have know better than to listen to the assurances of a woman who was not quite mentally stable(Sunil’s mom) when it came to us staying with her. She met us in Delhi, we stayed in a bed and breakfast and then left on a train headed to Ferozepur Cantt. When we arrived at her house, or rather tiny 1 bedroom flat, we realized that our living arrangements would not be suitable. Add to this that fact that my mentally unstable mother-in-law also did not realize what she had gotten herself into by taking in six guests-and she did not handle it well. She would not help us with anything–she would not take us to the store to get some cots to sleep on(as there was only 2 beds in her flat), she didn’t want to cook for us, etc. etc.–using the excuse that she was “tired” I lost my temper at the way we were being treated and said some unregrettable things. I was about to move the kids and I into a hotel when Sunil’s cousin, Pankaj, showed up.

He was surprised to see we were here, wanted to know why we didn’t talk to him beforehand. He could have told us that we wouldn’t be able to stay with my mother-in-law, she doesn’t have air conditioning (oh yes, indeed, it was hotter than hades as we had come in July[mother-in-law had claimed she was going to get one when we got here but we unfortunately realized too late that she had trouble parting with her money] and this was one of the reasons for me moving us to a hotel–for the a/c!!), we need to stay with someone who can take care of us as we wouldn’t survive here by ourselves. Pankaj was like our knight in shining armor at a desperate hour. How could we have refused??

Part II tomorrow…


2 comments on “A Tale of Sorts

  • lol

    I find it funny a western woman like yourself EXPECTS a nice Indian mother in law to wait on you hand and foot, providing meals etc

    Why cant she be tired ?

    Are you a princess ?

    give her a break… We’re not British subjects anymore

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