Going Back to School?

Published October 27, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I have been busy lately with my CPC-H course and have been just coasting along. I have been trying to convince my hubby to let me go back to India with the kids around March of next year. Financially, it will definitely be feasible, but trying to convince my hubby of that will be a different matter!

I have already decided that due to the debacle that happened with Sunil’s family the last time we were in India, we will not be able to go back and live in Ferozepur–even if it’s in our own place. Not only was small town life in India a bit stifling, but I missed the interaction with other foreigners that will only be possible in another city.

Right now I am looking into Delhi because another family member of Sunil’s lives there and would be a helpful presence in case I ever needed a male for, well–you know–those “male things” in India. Like renting an apartment or doing resident paperwork.

The next step for us is waiting for Sunil to get his paper orders for his new assignment. At that time we’ll know more about when he has to report and when his PCS leave will be.

For now I have restarted my Hindi instruction, beginning with UK India’s Learn to Read Hindi. I think it should be renamed Hindi for Dummies–it’s absolutely too simple and easy to learn! Let’s just say it’s so easy, my seven year old can teach me to read Hindi. How cool is that??


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