Long Time…No Blog

Published May 20, 2014 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

It’s Tuesday, May 20, 2014 and I’m back.

I didn’t really think I would be–although I’ve looked at this blog more than a few times, mostly reading over old posts and reliving old times.

Time for some updates:

We still haven’t been back to India yet, even though I’ve tried every year since then. A few things have gotten “in the way” so to speak. First was an assignment for my husband to The Old Guard at Fort Myer, VA. My husband could have gotten out of it, but I was bored with Texas and had to go someplace new. It turned out to be a big mistake: it was too expensive, too crowded and busy, the fun places were a hassle to get to because of aforementioned issues, the assignment to the Old Guard is a tough one (very stressful) and it turned my husband even further into-let’s just say-a stick in the mud. It was basically two long years of fighting and bad financial decisions which we are still reeling from today.

Two good things that happened: Deven and Daman. My husband and I wanted to have more kids and had been trying. Finally, in February of 2012 just before our move to Virginia, I found out that I was pregnant. Then, two months after Deven was born, we were surprised by Daman. So I had been literally pregnant for about two years! Even so, I wouldn’t give them up for the world–they give me joy every single day even when everything else falls down around my ears.

After spending a year and a half in Virginia, with my marriage and finances falling apart, we moved back to Texas to stay in the house we own over here. We have been here now since last August. I’ve been looking for work with no luck and really not even sure I want to work right now. If it weren’t for the financial situation we are in, I would forever remain a stay at home mom.

So right now, I am just floating–waiting for some job to come along and enjoying my two youngest boys. Maybe if I keep floating, I’ll make it across the ocean and right back over to India!


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