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My Greatest Fear…

Published November 7, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I know I’ll go back over to India…I just don’t know when. Probably no later than 2013, I’m hoping. No matter when I go though, I am determined not to go back over as a fatso.

Yes, I admit, after my hubby returned from Iraq, we celebrated by eating out one too many times. My hubby is a bad influence on me anyway because he can seemingly eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound. (Likely a result of his Indian genes!). I however, can look at a piece of chocolate cake and can feel my pants getting tighter! So you can imagine what constant dining out has done to me…

So, as the scale does not lie, I had known for awhile now that something needed to be done. I don’t have a problem with exercise–I actually enjoy it–but have stubbornly not changed my eating habits. However, as the reality of going back over to India comes ever closer, a new fear has crept into my heart–the comments from the Indian relatives.

As it was, I already had one comment by an in-law before I came back to the US in March (I think by that time I had put on about 20lbs.). Sometime after the kids and I arrived at his house in Delhi on our way back to the States, he made the comment, “I think you’ve put on weight since I’ve seen you last.” (I mean, what do you say to something like this? “Yes, you’re right, I have been packing on the pounds, haven’t I?” or “I think you are mistaken–according to my scale I haven’t!”) One thing about Indian culture I’ve noticed is that people can be brutally honest with you–even when you aren’t willing to be honest with yourself.

So my new determination is to lose weight so as not to invoke any more of those “comments” I know I’ve let things get a bit out of hand with my weight and there’s no reason to wait for someone else to tell me that. (As a matter of fact, I would love to make above mentioned relative eat his words when I get off the plane with my new, svelte self!!)