Long Time…No Blog

Published May 20, 2014 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

It’s Tuesday, May 20, 2014 and I’m back.

I didn’t really think I would be–although I’ve looked at this blog more than a few times, mostly reading over old posts and reliving old times.

Time for some updates:

We still haven’t been back to India yet, even though I’ve tried every year since then. A few things have gotten “in the way” so to speak. First was an assignment for my husband to The Old Guard at Fort Myer, VA. My husband could have gotten out of it, but I was bored with Texas and had to go someplace new. It turned out to be a big mistake: it was too expensive, too crowded and busy, the fun places were a hassle to get to because of aforementioned issues, the assignment to the Old Guard is a tough one (very stressful) and it turned my husband even further into-let’s just say-a stick in the mud. It was basically two long years of fighting and bad financial decisions which we are still reeling from today.

Two good things that happened: Deven and Daman. My husband and I wanted to have more kids and had been trying. Finally, in February of 2012 just before our move to Virginia, I found out that I was pregnant. Then, two months after Deven was born, we were surprised by Daman. So I had been literally pregnant for about two years! Even so, I wouldn’t give them up for the world–they give me joy every single day even when everything else falls down around my ears.

After spending a year and a half in Virginia, with my marriage and finances falling apart, we moved back to Texas to stay in the house we own over here. We have been here now since last August. I’ve been looking for work with no luck and really not even sure I want to work right now. If it weren’t for the financial situation we are in, I would forever remain a stay at home mom.

So right now, I am just floating–waiting for some job to come along and enjoying my two youngest boys. Maybe if I keep floating, I’ll make it across the ocean and right back over to India!


All The Weigh’s EatSmart Kitchen Scale Giveaway!

Published January 10, 2012 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I just started Weight Watchers this week and things are going well. Staying within my daily points is hard but things like earning activity points and keeping track of portions helps out. EatSmart has a digital kitchen scale that would be great for measuring out portions and All The Weigh is giving one away! Just click the link and follow the instructions in her blog post to enter: http://www.alltheweigh.com/2012/01/who-wants-to-eatsmart/#comment-15663

Goals For 2012

Published January 2, 2012 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

Here are my goals for 2012:

1. Get my CPC-H certification.

2. Get my CCA certification

3. Join Weight Watchers and lose 2 lbs a week.

4. Start Master’s Degree in June.

5. Go with the kids to India in January and put them back in school over there.

My Greatest Fear…

Published November 7, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I know I’ll go back over to India…I just don’t know when. Probably no later than 2013, I’m hoping. No matter when I go though, I am determined not to go back over as a fatso.

Yes, I admit, after my hubby returned from Iraq, we celebrated by eating out one too many times. My hubby is a bad influence on me anyway because he can seemingly eat whatever he wants and not gain a pound. (Likely a result of his Indian genes!). I however, can look at a piece of chocolate cake and can feel my pants getting tighter! So you can imagine what constant dining out has done to me…

So, as the scale does not lie, I had known for awhile now that something needed to be done. I don’t have a problem with exercise–I actually enjoy it–but have stubbornly not changed my eating habits. However, as the reality of going back over to India comes ever closer, a new fear has crept into my heart–the comments from the Indian relatives.

As it was, I already had one comment by an in-law before I came back to the US in March (I think by that time I had put on about 20lbs.). Sometime after the kids and I arrived at his house in Delhi on our way back to the States, he made the comment, “I think you’ve put on weight since I’ve seen you last.” (I mean, what do you say to something like this? “Yes, you’re right, I have been packing on the pounds, haven’t I?” or “I think you are mistaken–according to my scale I haven’t!”) One thing about Indian culture I’ve noticed is that people can be brutally honest with you–even when you aren’t willing to be honest with yourself.

So my new determination is to lose weight so as not to invoke any more of those “comments” I know I’ve let things get a bit out of hand with my weight and there’s no reason to wait for someone else to tell me that. (As a matter of fact, I would love to make above mentioned relative eat his words when I get off the plane with my new, svelte self!!)

India Dreamin’…

Published November 5, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

Well, hopefully more than just a dream. Today I took a picture of my little travel bag and the contents within that I received free in the mail. Yes, that’s right–I’m a freebie junkie, but that’s another part of my life that I don’t want to bore you with. My travel bag is packed and ready to go in anticipation of our journey back to India.

I also took a picture of my ring that I got in McLeod Ganj. I wear it as a reminder of my connection to India and the hopes that I will soon return.

As I get ready to go with my hubby to an Army Hail and Farewell, I leave you with the pictures…

Going Back to School?

Published October 27, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I have been busy lately with my CPC-H course and have been just coasting along. I have been trying to convince my hubby to let me go back to India with the kids around March of next year. Financially, it will definitely be feasible, but trying to convince my hubby of that will be a different matter!

I have already decided that due to the debacle that happened with Sunil’s family the last time we were in India, we will not be able to go back and live in Ferozepur–even if it’s in our own place. Not only was small town life in India a bit stifling, but I missed the interaction with other foreigners that will only be possible in another city.

Right now I am looking into Delhi because another family member of Sunil’s lives there and would be a helpful presence in case I ever needed a male for, well–you know–those “male things” in India. Like renting an apartment or doing resident paperwork.

The next step for us is waiting for Sunil to get his paper orders for his new assignment. At that time we’ll know more about when he has to report and when his PCS leave will be.

For now I have restarted my Hindi instruction, beginning with UK India’s Learn to Read Hindi. I think it should be renamed Hindi for Dummies–it’s absolutely too simple and easy to learn! Let’s just say it’s so easy, my seven year old can teach me to read Hindi. How cool is that??

Enter To Win An Aveeno shampoo and conditioner from the NOURISH+ Revitalize or NOURISH+ Volumize lines

Published September 14, 2011 by Michelle Sharma Fitness

I love to get freebies–just the other day I got a free Veggie Tales full length movie DVD with free shipping!! Now how cool is that? We have a big family and I’m always scouting for deals…

Today you can enter to win An Aveeno shampoo and conditioner from the NOURISH+ Revitalize or NOURISH+ Volumize lines from the Freebie Junkie. Enter to win here: http://www.thefreebiejunkie.com/2011/09/aveeno-nourish-living-color-shampoo.html?showComment=1316000505553#c2736724929678096286